Monday, October 6, 2008

Captain Kang Screws the Pooch

I don't have a lot to say about the Vice Presidential debate, other than to say I thought Sarah Palin overdid the "aw shucks" stuff and Biden looked really creepy. Rush Limbaugh nailed it with his analysis when he said Biden looked like a Klingon. Perfect!

I kept looking at Biden's eyes, and I was facinated because he looked different. Something about his brows and forehead didn't look right. At least one plastic surgeon has stated he had loads of Botox going, but that doesn't explain why his eyebrows were pulled back like Joan Rivers on steroids. It was weird and distracting, but mostly because I already know what Biden is supposed to look like. Anybody who isn't so familiar with him may not realize he doesn't always look like Captain Kang.

Palin, for her part did OK and showed she belongs on the national stage. McCain should let her loose, especially in states like Ohio and Michigan, where she speaks the language (or at least has the accent). McCain has evidently fallen a little behind (but not nearly as behind as last weeks fabricated polls indicate) and she's an asset to the campaign, so why not let Sarah be Sarah? Don't hold her to scripts, just let her say how she feels about issues and remind people that she's if anything, more experienced than BHO.

As for Biden? Yikes! Way to show off your reptilian roots fella.

Actually, I thought he did okay, except for the part about the 14 outright lies he told. But then again, he's a democrat. He has to lie. If they told people what they really intended to do, they'd never win dog catcher, much less the presidency.

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I thought *I* was the only guy
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